Repairs & Services


RARE Jewellery Repairs

RARE offers a comprehensive jewellery repair service for all types of jewellery, if you need to replace stones in a ring or links in a necklace, RARE have a solution for you. All our work is carried out in our studio so you can rest assured that your jewellery will be in competent hands and returned quickly.


RARE Jewellery Remount

Our remount service allows you to take an old ring and remount the stones to the same ring or a new band depending on your requirements.


RARE Jewellery Rejuvenate

Bring life back to your forgotten or inherited jewellery with our RARE rejuvenation service. Whether you’re looking to update your grandmothers ring or take advantage of precious metals you may have lying around the house, to be melted and transformed into something truly unique; RARE can help you with your creations. Retain the sentimental value of a family heirloom or piece of jewellery you’re emotionally attached to whilst updating its style.


RARE Jewellery Evaluations

Most insurance companies insist that jewellery of a certain value is priced annually. RARE Jewellery Design offers a full evaluation service for our customers’ convenience. Call us or pop in store for more details.

Contact us today or pop in store to learn more about our unique collection and bespoke designs available for all occasions